Here is our price list for the services we offer. In our studio we do our best to avoid the pressure of time on your project. Therefore we always recommend the studio’s flat rate price. It will give you peace of mind, so you can be focused entirely on your project. Need half-a-day longer recording or an extra day for editing? No problem, the flat rate has it all covered! For some small projects, such as demo recordings, it may be more beneficial to use our hourly rates. We are always open to discuss your needs, wishes, and preferences.

Our sole objective is to achieve the best artistic result for you.

You can also rent the studio without sound engineer services. You can bring your own sound engineer, who we will fully support with all the technical aspects. The cost of the grand piano currently available in the studio is not included in the prices below. By using the Henk Hupkes instrument you avoid the transport costs. Piano rental and tuning can be discussed separately.

Studio flat rate

1 CD recording:
1 CD editing:
1 CD mixing:
1 CD mastering:
Mastering of 2 or more CDs:
€450 per CD

Studio hourly rate

Any work:
€80 per hour

Studio daily rate

A full day (maximal 8 hours):
Discounted rate for 3 days or more:
€600 per day
Discounted rate for 7 days or more:
€570 per day

Studio without engineer

(You can invite your own engineer or use the space for a rehearsal)

A full day studio use (maximal 10 hours):
€400 per day
Discounted rate for 3 days or more:
€350 per day

Recording on location

excluding travel expenses

A full day of recording on location (8 hours max):
€590 (€550 from 3 days)
A half day of recording on location (4 hours max):€300

All prices are shown in Euro without the VAT (21%).

We can always discuss the above options and offer the best price for your project.

Download our pricelist.