Sei Solo: JS Bach - Violin Sonatas & Partitas

Boris Begelman (violin)

“…Begelman’s thoughts on Bach meanwhile come not from the (beautifully engineered studio) acoustics of his surroundings but from his own inner obsessings over the private personality who produced these masterpieces. ‘I would like to know what he was thinking about, serenely sipping his beer in the evening’, he muses in his booklet notes. ‘What grief and despair did he experience at the loss of his child? Yet, strict and reserved, Bach looks down at me from the famous Haussmann portrait, barring my way into his inner world’; and if you’ve never had similar imaginings yourself, Begelman’s subsequent readings should lead you down that dream track.

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ROSLAVETS, N.A. Piano Works (Complete)

Olga Andryushchenko

The Russian pianist Olga Andryushchenko excels in the fast and light motifs, ‘svelte’, very Scriabin-esque, and negotiates the dramatic and dynamic progression of the works better than Marc-André Hamelin’s reserve from an emotional point of view… The double album of Andryushchenko, offering six world première recordings, stands out all the more for the passionate and intense interpretation of the Sonata No. 1. © 2017 Diapason

Eggner Trio. Werner Pirchner. Klaviertrios

Eggner Trio

“Werner Pirchner: ein Name und Mensch der die gegenwärtige Musikgeschichte mit seiner ungewöhnlich individuellen, österreichisch-jazzigen Tonsprache redigiert hat und weiterhin zukünftig beeinflussen wird. Das EggnerTrio hat mit der Einspielung Pirchners triologischen Triologie die Möglichkeit einer absolut neuen kammermusikalischen Hörweise eröffnet. Lassen Sie sich verführen in einen Kosmos unerhörter Lebensweisheiten.”