How we work

Project planning

To begin with we want to discuss your project with you, to find out what your concept is, what is important to you in the process and how you aim to communicate with your audience through the recording. Our price list shown is based on an hourly rate. However, if it suits you better, we can agree on a fixed price for the whole project, and work without time limits until you are happy with the result.


From our longstanding experience we know how important it is to find the ideal type of mic, and its optimum placement to capture the unique characteristic of your instrument and the nuances of your performance. We are happy to follow your own preferences for the recording procedure. You may like to work with longer takes, or perhaps with shorter ones. As a practicing musician and recording engineer, I feel confident we will understand each other well while discussing the details of your musical requirements. I am meticulous in documenting every take so it can be used for the editing stage.


The first edit is based on my recording notes and then sent to you. Then we have two options – firstly, you provide your comments, I work with them and send you back the newly amended version. This might need to happen several times. Or secondly, we meet in the studio, discuss your comments and edit together.


This is the most challenging stage. As the saying goes, mixing is never finished, at some point you just stop. We can mix in an analogue or a digital environment, work with different reverberation systems, and other technologies to achieve the specific sound you imagined.


This is the final step for each project. We put the album together adjusting pauses between tracks. Then we play your album on different audio systems, to make sure it sounds consistently good on any replay medium. As a result, you get a Master for CD production and/or for electronic distribution. The Steppenwolf studio is certified and credited to work with Apple Music, we are able to prepare your tracks for iTunes. The final Master is uploaded to the cloud for easy access.


Our studio is equipped for digital restoration of audio material, specifically the Sonic Solutions' NoNoise. I can also digitise LPs, cassettes, and reel-to-reel tapes.


We have many positive reviews from our clients. Some of their feedback can be found here.

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