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The studio has 3 rooms – a lobby, a recording hall and a control room.

The recording hall, with up to 6 m height ceiling, wooden floor and big windows facing the garden, has a flexible structure, allowing to adapt the acoustics and create different settings based on the type of instruments, music and personal preferences of the musicians. A silenced advanced airco system allows to keep the temperature and humidity of the air on a precise level, particularly important for historical instruments.

The control room – the area for the sound engineer, completely settled with technical equipment including excellent custom acoustic systems, ensuring that none of the smallest detail and nuance of the performance is not missed.

All other necessary arrangements are provided in a main living house, situated at the same location. There our customers can make use of the rest area, have meals, snacks, tea and coffee in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.


The current setup, installed in the studio, has been created in the run of more than 15 years of continuous search amongst the best manufacturers of the hard- and software. The result allows to convert creative ideas of the musicians into the best recordings, very detailed but with a great flexibility at the same time. We took the best from the “golden age” of audio and combined it with thoroughly selected modern technologies. In such a way a precise and state-of-art Pyramix and Sonic Solutions systems co-exist with warm and saturated analogue sound of the mixer from the 80’s (used for mixing) and ribbon microphones.

A great part of the studio equipment has been customized to achieve the best characteristics, and some appliances have been even created from scratch (e.g. 12-channel Mic Preamp, ADC and DAC). This allows us to find, together with the musician, a unique, like no other, sound for the recording.

The Steppenwolf studio can be named a sound laboratory, the place for creativity, research and experiment, where musicians can go beyond the existing boundaries. This travel they do together with Slava Poprugin, the owner and sound engineer, who takes an active role and brings his expertise and knowledge to achieve an excellent result and a great experience from working together.


Recording (studio + services)

We are happy to offer you a complete package, including studio and professional engineering services (recording and post-production) provided by Slava Poprugin.

Location recordings

A comprehensive set of recording equipment is available for the recordings at other locations.

Editing • mixing • mastering • audio restoration

We will be pleased to offer you our post-production services partly, e.g. the mastering of the recording or editing of the recorded material.


The studio can be rented including its full equipment for the recordings with your own sound engineer (technician). A complete list of equipment available is provided by request. Also it is usually possible to integrate your pieces of equipment (as a recorder or a mic preamp) to our setup.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you are interested to learn more about the studio and its services and get a quotation.